Aspen Pittman Designs

Back in 1978, Aspen Pittman founded a consulting company focused on music and audio products, and called it Aspen & Associates. Early A&A research discovered ways to improve vacuum tubes for guitar amplifiers and led to one of the music industry’s most successful products: Groove Tubes. Groove Tubes became the centerpiece of our business so we later renamed the company to reflect that centerpiece. Other GT highlights are Aspen’s best-selling book, The Tube Amp Book, with over 120,000 copies sold, and GT’s award-winning studio microphones and tube-based signal processors.

In June 2008, Aspen sold the Groove Tubes brand and entire product catalog to FMIC (who you may know as Fender) and Aspen continues as consultant to Fender and Groove Tubes.

A&A was resurrected to continue the business development of Aspen’s award-winning SFX technology (Stereo Field Expansion), the patented process that magically produces stereo from a single cabinet. SFX is currently used under license to Fender for the Acoustasonic guitar amp, and A&A will offer a limited “custom shop” line of SFX products for guitar, keyboard and multi-instrument amplification systems. A&A will continue licensing SFX technology to Fender and other MI companies.

Here’s an interesting flashback to the days of Groove Tubes!

Groove Tubes Guitar Electronics w/ Aspen Pittman and Steve Trovato