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Center Point Stereo Technology – US Utility patent #6219426
Guitar World “Suddenly, you’re swimming in the sound of your guitar.”

Stereo has been wonderful for enhancing the recording process, but has never been possible and/or practical for live performance…. until Center Point Stereo! Center Point Stereo delivers wide 3D Stereo image with a perfect mix for everyone on stage, in the audience, and in every direction. And, it does it with just ONE speaker cabinet!

Aspen Pittman and Drew Daniels invented Center Point Stereo, and were awarded US and International Utility (broad) patents for this groundbreaking technology. The Fender company now licenses Center Point Stereo for use in their award winning Acoustisonic amp, under the SFX Trademark, which stands for “Stereo Field eXpansion”.

So, how does the Center Point Stereo magic work? Like most great ideas, it’s pretty simple. But in order to understand how and why Center Point Stereo works, we must review why the Old Way doesn’t work.

The Old Way: Conventional stereo has two spaced speakers (Left & Right) that produce a small “Sweet Spot” (where you can hear the stereo effect) somewhere in the center of a room. But less than 2% of the audience (and NONE of the performers) will hear stereo. All of the performers, and 98% of the audience, will NOT hear stereo, but instead the “Sour Spot”.

Center Point Stereo changes everything! For the first time in history, 100% of both the performers AND the audience will be immersed in the massive 3 Dimensional Center Point Stereo “Sweet Spot”. Center Point Stereo works audio miracles for keyboards, guitars, drums and vocals …nothing else comes close.

How Center Point Stereo works: Center Point Stereo electronics encodes the Left and right signals to be Front (L+R) and Side (L-R) signals. Then it’s unique 2 speaker system, which are positioned “out of phase”, do NOT “mix”, but instead repel each other and drastically increase their dispursion. Technically this is called an “acoustical space vortex.” The repelling energy of the Center Point Stereo spatial vortex keeps these signals separate, and the stereo effect in tact until they reach your ears! Therefore, the stereo image stays “in tact” will never collapse to “messy mono”, no matter where you stand in the room, or on stage. The Center Point Stereo signals reflect off each pother, then off walls, floors and permeate everywhere, even into other rooms, maintaining the 3D stereo image.

Of course room acoustics can vary, so the player or sound engineer can balance the Side and Front sound levels by tuning the Center Point Stereo Width control; more width for those acoustically dead rooms (or outside gigs), less for those really live rooms. The room does the rest, reflecting Center Point Stereo signals everywhere to produce an enhanced stereo effect for both player and listener. And because it all comes from one point source, the mix is exactly the same for everyone listening.

Our latest Center Point Stereo Spacestation v3 speaker, placed anywhere in the room, can reproduce a whole band in stereo; vocals, instruments and backing tracks. It’s perfect for those challenging small rooms like a restaurant or church. Just one Center Point Stereo speaker does it all! The audience and performers hear stereo everywhere, it is like audio magic!

Additionally, as multiple amps and speakers are replaced by a single Center Point Stereo speaker cabinet, the typical intermodulation distortion found in most live venues is eliminated! This drastically improves the ambient clarity in the room, so the audience can talk to each other without shouting! This may be the most rewarding side benefit cabinetof using a Center Point Stereo system.

Our new compact and powerful Center Point Stereo Spacestation v3 powered stereo monitor is the latest evolution in Center Point Stereo technology. With a foot print of less than one square foot, it works as a powerful stereo instrument amp, a stereo PA for the whole band, or install it as the perfect stereo sound system for small clubs and churches where space (and budget) are limited. Use with a mixer to combine the whole band; vocals, instruments, backing tracks… then feed a single Spacestation v3 speaker cabinet to eliminate all the bulky amps and PA speakers a band would usually require. And just imagine; performers and audience alike hear exactly the same big wide stereo mix! Spacestation v3 is the perfect solution for those challenging small live venues like a restaurant or church. Just one Center Point Stereo speaker does it all, it’s audio magic!

The possibilities are as wide as the Center Point Stereo stereo effect, so why not expand your mind and your music!

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