Big Spacestation Announcement

Announcing the Spacestation v.3 ‘Lite’ for 2017!

(Which actually looks and sounds exactly like our previous Spacestation v.3, but is 7+ lbs. lighter!)

APD is pleased and excited to announce we have made the popular Spacestation v.3 stereo powered monitor even better by upgrading both the power supply and the cabinet materials. The new SS3 ‘Lite’ is about 7-10lbs lighter than previous SS3 versions. This weight reduction is due to upgrading the older transformer based power supply with a modern switching or digital power supply unit (DPSU), and also, by changing the cabinet construction over to a lighter, stronger plywood material to replace the MDF particle board material as used in all previous SS3 amps. The new ‘SS3 Lite’ weighs in at just 32 lbs., or 14.5 kgs…but still packs the identical audio power, tone and punch of all previous SS3 versions!

The new DSPU actually supplies more power reserve for the four SS3 class D audio amps and is also now more convenient as the DPSU is auto-ranging to work anywhere in the world regardless of the AC wall power and without modification. Just plug it into the AC wall outlet and it automatically ranges from 100vac (Japan), 117vac (US/Canada/Mexico), 220vac (Europe) and up to 240 vac (Australia).

We made no changes to the cosmetics or the audio devices, so the sound and performance is identical. The SS3 Lite delivers the same amazing 3D stereo sound everywhere in the room from a single cabinet at 106dB SPL max output.

We did NOT change the 4 class D amps, or the 4 transducers they drive thru our SS3 Lite tri-amped 3-way Front speaker system or our full range Side speaker system. So the sound and performance is identical, as shown in these SPL and frequency charts comparing the audio power and performance of the older to new SS3 Lite at near maximum SPL output levels, Using the same signal source the old and new SS3 Lite performance curves are nearly identical, with just a slightly improved low frequency performance in the newer SS3 Lite (due to the new improved power supply).

The new Spacestation v.3 Lite’ s is now in dealer showrooms around the world and ready for for immediate delivery. It was debuted at the NAMM 2017 Show and was already in dealer warehouses from the first of the year.’

Spacestation v.3 ‘Everything Else is Just a Box!’

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