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DuoTonic 1st run

Hey Kids, I spent the last day of August testing and boxing the 1st run of DuoTonic pedals.. Wow, what fun! I am shipping both Thomann and Sweetwater today. It’s been a long haul, as 1st runs usually are. Parts…
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DuoTonic Video

Aspen Pittman Duo Tonic Preamp/Overdrive/Boost Pedal Review by Don Carr Published on Aug 6, 2015 In this video we’re going to check out the Duo Tonic preamp/overdrive/boost pedal from Aspen Pittman Designs. It’s a two-stage overdrive, with a solid-state circuit…
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Spacestation Upgraded

Many of our local Spacestation owners have had their older MK2 amps upgraded with the new SS v.3 speakers and added L-pads to trim back their Midrange driver and High Freq tweeters… it really sounds great and brings the sound…
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