Rental Partners

Rental Partners

We are humbled and grateful to the thousands of musicians who have already bought the Center Point Stereo Spacestation v3 based solely on the many rave reviews posted on the various internet sites. Rarely was this purchase based on actually hearing one for themselves.

As we do not sell the Spacestation v3 through stores, but solely on the internet from Sweetwater and the Aspen and Associates websites, there was never a way to hear Center Point Stereo before you bought one…until now!

We are pleased to announce a new Center Point Stereo Rental Rebate Program. Simply rent a Spacestation v3 for a day or two from any of our participating Center Point Stereo rental partners, and you qualify for a rebate up to $50 toward the purchase of the Center Point Stereo Spacestation v3. Your paid rental receipt is all we need.

We have started this program with just a few key rental companies in Southern and Central California, and also another in Nashville. They each now have a Spacestation v3 in stock and ready for you to try out on your next gig or rehearsal.

  • Rental

    SST-Synthesizer Systems Tech

  • Contact Alex
  • 10907 Magnolia Blvd
  • North Hollywood, CA 91601
  • Phone (818) 907-7780
  • Rental

    Speeda Sound

  • Contact Mike King
  • 4740 N Sonora Ln
  • Fresno, CA 93722
  • Phone (559) 275-7197
  • Rental

    Backline Nashville

  • Contact Mark Thompson
  • 2127 Utopia Ave
  • Nashville, TN 37211
  • Phone (615) 210-2120