Keyboard Mag : Spacestation V.3 Review

One would be hard pressed to find a consensus amongst keyboard players as to the best way to approach onstage amplification. Most of us have tried all sorts of things, from all sizes and configurations of combo amps (including ones meant for bass and guitar) to full-blown small P.A. systems (both mono and stereo) to in-ear monitors, but nothing has ever risen head and shoulders above everything else as the Holy Grail of keyboard amplification. Aspen Pittman and his team (who you may know from Groove Tubes) have been working for years on a way to get stereo out of a single unit. While there are other manufacturers that offer combo amps purporting to deliver stereo performance, none approach it in the same manner as Pittman’s “center point stereo” (CPS) design. What makes the latest incarnation of his Spacestation so different, and does it actually deliver the goods


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