Aspen Pittman Designs

Aspen Pittman’s designs have been coveted by legendary musicians and record producers for nearly 40 years. His best selling Tube Amp Book has sold over 140,000 copies. He has designed dozens of tube guitar amps, stage and studio microphones, and has designed and built over a dozen unique electron vacuum tubes from scratch.

Aspen’s inventions, such as the Speaker Emulator, changed the way we record guitar, and his Center Point Stereo technology will forever change the way we produce live music. Aspen’s audio designs have earned multiple utility patents both in the USA and around the world, and have garnered top awards in multiple fields including the prestigious TEC award for best microphone design. So it seemed only fitting to brand his new company simply Aspen Pittman Designs.


Center Point Stereo is a technology from Aspen Pittman Designs

360 Center Point Stereo technology is truly historic and ground breaking. Center Point Stereo changes all the rules for live performance. There has never been a speaker like this before. That’s why the United States Patent and Trademark office granted its inventors, Aspen Pittman and Drew Daniels, a broad US utility patent #6219426.

Center Point Stereo delivers 300 degree wide 3D stereo sound for everyone, in every direction, from just ONE speaker cabinet! The specially conditioned “Front” and “Side” Center Point Stereo speakers are positioned “out of phase,” and so these sound waves reflect off each other, then off walls, floors and ceilings to permeate everywhere in the room… even into other rooms… without losing the 3D stereo image. Unlike conventional stereo speaker systems, the “sweet spot” is EVERYWHERE, and with Center Point Stereo there are NO “sour spots.”