True 3D Sound™


Based on one of Aspen Pittman’s original designs with modern improvements and an all brass vintage capsule.

The Spacestation is a truly immersive

True 3D Sound™ experience

With a traditional stereo system, you have two speakers and the listener has to be in the sweet spot to hear the music as it is intended.

Center Point Stereo technology delivers a 300 degree True 3D Stereo Sound which is not just left and right but also front to back, this is the only amp on the market that can truly reproduce the movement of the Leslie Speaker.

The CPS Spacestation is a professional amplifier designed in the USA by world-acclaimed innovator, Aspen Pittman. It offers a True 3D Sound for the benefit of both musicians and audiences.

Aspen Pittman, 1948 - 2019

Aspen Pittman’s designs have been coveted by legendary musicians and record producers for nearly 40 years. His best selling Tube Amp Book has sold over 140,000 copies. He designed dozens of tube guitar amps, stage and studio microphones, and has designed and built over a dozen unique electron vacuum tubes from scratch.
Aspen’s inventions, such as the Speaker Emulator, changed the way we record guitar, and his technology will forever change the way we produce live music. His studio outboard gear designs, mic preamplifiers, compressors, EQ’s and microphones are still sought after to this day.

Aspen’s audio designs have earned multiple utility patents both in the USA and around the world, and have garnered top awards in multiple fields including the prestigious TEC award for best microphone design.

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